Standup Paddle-Surf

I have moved on from imported bamboo and am now building with locally grown, renewable and sustainable wood, including albizia, norfolk pine and koa. The result is even stronger, lighter and more beautiful designs.

Note: above board used the last of the imported bamboo for an outer-island guy named Larry. We’re sure that Larry is suitably stoked.




AlaiaLite surfboards are constructed of local, sustainable or recycled woods as much as possible. The skins are 1/8 to 3/16″ thick with an extruded recyclable foam core, epoxy film finish and recycled plastic/milk carton and wood rails.

Alaia boards do work amazingly well in small surf, and I think AlaiaLites will help open up many areas of surf worldwide because they float and paddle better.
Not many get stoked on small waves, but these make it possible – no fins and no rocker make minimal drag.

Some Alaia quotes from around the internet:
“Hands-down the fastest board on the planet,”
“The allure of these boards is the incredible trim speed,”
“faster than any finned board could have ever gone”



Besides superior performance and being super beautiful, LIGHT WEIGHT is the most amazing feature of a Wooden Classics Hawaii. Six foot boards weighing 5 to 6 pounds are routine. Most contemporary shapes are available.

5-10 Squash Tail Tri-Fin

5-10 Squash Tail Tri-Fin


Besides obvious beauty and light weight, inside the recycled rails are Wooden stringers to make a rigid board which cuts through chop, adds stability and projection through turns. Wooden Classics Hawaii longboards are commonly 3 to 5 pounds lighter than ordinary fiberglass/polyurethane boards.