kona-boysI have moved on from imported bamboo and am now building with locally grown, renewable and sustainable wood, including albizia, norfolk pine and koa. The result is even stronger, lighter and more beautiful designs.

While most surfers look at wooden surfboards as wall hangers, Wooden Classics Hawaii are unique in that they very lightweight, strong, durable and use NO fiberglass. All of the strength comes from the natural fibers in the wood, vacuum laminated with epoxy over hand shaped extruded polystyrene foam (which does NOT absorb water and is recyclable).

Moisture is sealed out with an Ultra Violet blocking epoxy film finish, while the “recycled rails”(tm) are a recycled plastic and wood fiber composite that dent rather than shatter. Decks are pressure ding proof and are strong enough to span a pick up truck bed with a 180 pound person standing as if surfing.

What makes a Wooden Classics Hawaii green? High Recycled content foam; less than half of the usual resin usage (compared to fiberglassing); NO fiberglass; less landfill waste – wood skin scraps decompose to dirt; durability – less dings, easy lightweight repairs including breaks.